xlhtml pre-release/release candidate/fork

A bit of explanation: this is xlhtml modified by me; I thought this would eventually get released as xlhtml 0.5.1, but last time I looked, the changes weren't entirely incorporated into the official codebase, no new release was done, and my version worked better (for me) than the official one. The situation may very well be quite different by now — I haven't been following the development. FWIW, here's what I have to offer.

Grab the source here: xlhtml-0.5.1-vd2.tgz
And the i386 RPM here: xlhtml-0.5.1-vd2.i386.rpm
And the source RPM here: xlhtml-0.5.1-vd2.src.rpm
And Cygwin Win32 binaries (requires a Cygwin installation, or at least cygwin1.dll) here: xlhtml-0.5.1-vd2-cygwin.tgz
...and the same in a ZIP archive: xlhtml-0.5.1-vd2-cygwin.zip

Have fun.

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